Psychology Readings

Psychology readings is a list of books that I have found helpful throughout the years. Some of them are self help and some of them are theoretical. I hope you find them useful. You can click on the titles and it will take you to for more information and to purchase the book if you like.


Books with a focus towards the psychology addiction of recovery and help in understanding codependency

Co-Dependence: Misunderstood–Mistreated
Anne Wilson Scheaf


The Intimacy Factor
Pia Mellody

Breaking Free: A Recovery Workbook for Facing Codependence
Pia Mellody

It Will Never Happen to Me: Growing Up With Addiction As Youngsters, Adolescents, Adults
Claudia A. Black

Changing Course: Healing from Loss, Abandonment and Fear
Claudia A. Black

My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has a Disease: A Child’s View: Living with Addiction
Claudia Black

Healing the Addictive Personality: Freeing Yourself from Addictive Patterns and Relationships
Lee L. Jampolsky

Passages Through Recovery: An Action Plan for Preventing Relapse
Terence T. Gorski

Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention
Terence T. Gorski, Merlene Miller

Terence T. Gorski

Don’t Call It Love: Recovery From Sexual Addiction
Patrick Carnes

Patrick Carnes


How do other people affect our psychology and perspective of ourselves in the world. Attachment theory has been one way of looking at the lasting impact relationships make on our lives.

Attachment in Psychotherapy
David J. Wallin, Ph.D

Diary Of A Baby: What Your Child Sees, Feels, And Experiences
Daniel N.Stern

The Birth Of A Mother: How The Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever
Daniel N. Stern

The Interpersonal World of the Infant A View From Psychoanalysis and Developmental Psychology
Daniel N. Stern

Attachment: Attachment and Loss Volume One
John Bowlby

A Secure Base
John Bowlby

The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are (Second Edition)
Daniel J. Siegel


How to improve our communication, Communication is not just about what or how we say things but also about how our message is received. When we improve our communication we improve our chances of getting our wants and needs met in any type of relationship. It is also learning that good communication takes two people you can’t do it alone.

Messages: The Communication Skills Book
Patrick Fanning (Contributor), et al;

The Messages Workbook: Powerful Strategies for Effective Communication at Work and Home
Matha Davis

Boundaries – Where You End And I Begin: How To Recognize And Set Healthy Boundaries
Anne Katherine

Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Contemporary psychoanalysis includes many different schools of thought but what it often shares is through relationship we can make change. This is not your classical Freudian analysis, contemporary psychoanalysis takes into consideration the impact that the therapist has on the therapist/client relationship.

Trauma and Human Existence: Autobiographical, Psychoanalytic, and Philosophical Reflections (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Robert D. Stolorow

Structures of Subjectivity: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Phenomenology and Contextualism (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
George E. Atwood and Robert D. Stolorow

World, Affectivity, Trauma: Heidegger and Post-Cartesian Psychoanalysis (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Robert D. Stolorow

Faces in a Cloud: Intersubjectivity in Personality Theory
Robert D. Stolorow and George Atwood

Contexts of Being: The Intersubjective Foundations of Psychological Life (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Robert D. Stolorow, Bernard Brandchaft and George E. Atwood

Worlds of Experience: Interweaving Philosophical and Clinical Dimensions in Psychoanalysis
George Atwood, Donna Orange, and Robert D. Stolorow

Working Intersubjectively: Contextualism in Psychoanalytic Practice (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Donna M. Orange, George E. Atwood, and Robert D. Stolorow

Psychoanalytic Treatment: An Intersubjective Approach (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Robert D. Stolorow, George E. Atwood, and Bernard Brandchaft

Relational Concepts in Psychoanalysis: An Integration
Stephen A Mitchell

Relationality: From Attachment to Intersubjectivity
Stephen A Mitchell

Affect Regulation, Mentalization, and the Development of Self
Peter Fonagy

Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis
Peter Fonagy

Thinking for Clinicians: Philosophical Resources for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic Psychotherapies
Donna M. Orange

Emotional Understanding: Studies in Psychoanalytic Epistemology
Donna M. Orange

A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Development of Cognition and Action (Cognitive Psychology)
Esther Thelen

Psychoanalytic Complexity: Clinical Attitudes for Therapeutic Change
William J. Coburn

Toward an Emancipatory Psychoanalysis: Brandchaft’s Intersubjective Vision (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series)
Bernard Brandchaft

The Clinical Diary of Sandor Ferenczi
Sandor Ferenczi (Author), Judith Dupont (Editor), Michael Balint (Translator)

The Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Sándor Ferenczi, Volume 1: 1908-1914 (Freud, Sigmund//Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Sandor Ferenczi)

Mentalizing in Clinical Practice
Jon G. Allen, Peter Fonagy, Anthony Bateman

A Meeting of Minds: Mutuality in Psychoanalysis (Relational Perspectives Book Series) (v. 4)
Lewis Aron

Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of a Tradition
Lewis Aron & Stephen A. Mitchell (Editor)

How Does Analysis Cure?
Heinz Kohut , Arnold Goldberg (Editor)


Many people enter psychotherapy because of a relationship problem or the want of a relationship. Communication, understanding the role emotions play in a relationship and learning to have insight and accountability are important parts of the psychology of a relationship.

The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to recognize it and how to respond
Patricia Evans

The Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships
Harriet Lerner

After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful (2nd Edition)
Janis A. Spring

Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, 20th Anniversary Edition
Harville Hendrix

Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples’ Study Guide
Harville Hendrix

Getting Love Right: Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy (A Fireside/Parkside Recovery Book)
Terence T. Gorski

Boundaries and Relationships: Knowing, Protecting, and Enjoying the Self
Charles Whitfield

Death & Dying

Questions and Answers on Death and Dying
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Eating Disorders

Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation
Steven Levenkron

The Best Little Girl in the World
Steven Levenkron

Feeding The Hungry Heart – The Experience Of Compulsive Eating
Geneen Roth

When Food Is Love – Exploring The Relationship Between Eating And Intimacy
Geneen Roth

The Eating Disorders Sourcebook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Causes, Treatments, and Prevention of Eating Disorders (Sourcebooks)
Carolyn Costin

0393706958 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder: Effective Strategies from Therapeutic Practice and Personal Experience (8 Keys to Mental Health)
Carolyn Costin

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works
Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch

Health, Illness and Chronic Illness

When to Say Yes When Your Body Says No
Lee L Jampolsky

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
Martha Davis, et al;

So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women
Stephanie McClellan M.D. & Beth Hamilton M.D.

Guided Imagery by Belleruth Naparstek
Belleruth Naperstek has many cd’s & mp3’s for various relaxation & health issues. I have found her guided meditations for health very helpful.

Manic Depression

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness
Kay Redfield Jamison

Narcissism & Borderline Personality

Lost in the Mirror, 2nd Edition: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder
Richard A. Moskovitz M.D.


The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self
Alice Miller

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence
Alice Miller

Breaking Down the Wall of Silence: The Liberating Experience of Facing Painful Truth
Alice Miller

The Untouched Key: Tracing Childhood Trauma in Creativity and Destructiveness
Alice Miller

Healing the Shame That Binds You
John Bradshaw